Valanjou Charolais Ranch  

Valanjou Charolais Ranch  


The story of the Valanjou Charolais Ranch 

How it all started 

Valanjou Charolais started nearly 60 years ago when my father Henri decided on building a Full French influenced purebred Herd of cows.

Over the next 25 years many bulls were produced for the commercial industry and with his ten children going through 4-H close to 60 steers were shown, highlighting the exceptional rate of gain with there Full French sire calves. 

In the 70s and early 80s the carcass competition was in full swing with Edmonton hosting a fat steer spring show. In this highly competitive show Valanjou came out with two reserve Grand Champion carcass steers in 1976 and 1981 - definitely the highlights of these decades!

By the early 90s when I took over the management, new semen was being released from France for the first time in 15 years. Maternally tested bulls- such as Till 2000 and Casoar were now available to Canadian Charolais breeders and I having just taken an AI course, they were enthusiastically introduced to the herd. For the next two decades horned Full French bulls were essentially used and one of the highlights of those years was when the carcass competition was reintroduced to the 4-H program! 

My niece's Full French sired, triple A streers won five years in a row with an amazing 4lbs plus ADG - Proofing after all them years and different styles of cattle for me staying with my horned Full French Charolais was the right decision.