Valanjou Charolais Ranch  

Valanjou Charolais Ranch  


The Herd and Herd Sires

Take a look at the herd 

Here you'll find informations and pictures about the herd and the herd sires as well as pictures of the herd sire sons and daughters plus a story about Pure Power and his influence on the herd today. 

If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. 

Pure Power 

Pure Power at the age of 12, in March 2023
Pure Power at the age of 12, in March 2023


Levitate March 2023
Levitate March 2023

Mintaining a solide footed french influenced herd has always been a priority to me. 

Therefore when I'm choosing the new purebred bulls entering to my herd, I start to look for grounded feet, followed by length that translates into calving ease.

I was looking for an outcross heifer bull when I came across Levitate visiting circle cee farms in 2019.

He caught my eye because I found in him exactly what I was looking for when it comes to feet and length.

Paired with his smooth shoulders followed by a perfect shaped small head he made my decision what bull to choose very easy .


Heatwave March 2023
Heatwave March 2023

Heatwave was the high selling bull of the Wrangler bull sale in spring 2022 .

His sire Sparrows Aquarius is a well established herd sire Producer.

His Dam Lilly is a show champion who raised Heatwave as her first calf!

He is an easy doing, solid footed bull. The 15 Heatwave Calves from this winter, all born unassisted of mostly second calvers, are showing exceptional Growth and are very eye appealing.

Full French AI- Bulls 

C504 Claudine 

GOLD STAR Dame of Distinction
GOLD STAR Dame of Distinction

Anjou Claudine C504 has just recieved "Gold Star Dam" status, a prestigious award which consists of having five consecutive claves weaning off with an Index of 100 or more. 

Having just weaned her sixth calf when she qualified, proofs the maternal strengths of "Till 2000" Grand Dam (born 1996) and "Casoar" Dam (born 2005) as well as the longevity and history of these females! 


We thank you for taking the time to assess our cowherd and welcome you to our website! are a few of them:

"Ultimo"- Bullcalf in Feburary 2017 ( Echaper E728)

"Coke" -Bullcalf in March 2018 ( Frenchy F861)

"Indou" -Heifercalf In February 2019 (Gena G948)

"Eparney"- Bullcalf in January 2020  (Henri H504)

"Hamel" -Heifercalf in January 2021 (Josianne J105)

"GTO"- Purebred Bullcalf in March 2022 (Kolumbus K270)  

And had this year an amazing looking Impair bullcalf in Feburary (L335) 

Claudine with her Impair bullcalf July 2023
Claudine with her Impair bullcalf July 2023
Claudines daugther
Claudines daugther "J105" with her fist bullcalf in 2023
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