Valanjou Charolais Ranch  

Valanjou Charolais Ranch  



Sale 25th November 2023
Sale 25th November 2023

Bull an Heifer sale

We are currently getting ready for our online sale on November 25th. More informations and the catalog coming soon. 

Summer season

While the cattle are grazing, we're already preparing for winter by making hay and looking forward to silage our beautiful legumes crops.

Breeding and AI- Season 2023 

After calving-time is before calving-time. 

End of March we started to AI our cows and heifers again. By using well proven bulls, that are around for a bit, as well as some "New arrivals", we always try to find the perfect match. You can find more informations about it under "Herd and herd Sires"

Calving season 2023

As March is coming to an end our calving season is almost over.

With a nice variety of full-french and purebred heifer- and bullcalves we are already looking forward to the next sale to show off this year's cattle.

So far everyone is healthy and happy and growing good, the little ones are already starting to explore the yard and everything else around and on the farm. 

Sale November 2022

Our first time sale at the farm last year turned out to be the right decision. And we're already looking forward to the next sale this November.